Vibe Quickie: 5 Things You Wouldn’t Want To Experience In Lagos Traffic

Lagos traffic experience
Lagos traffic experience

People who live in Lagos might easily relate to this article but others might not. So, this is more like a warning in advance.

There is a lot of stuff that happens in Lagos, especially in traffic but there are particular things you wouldn’t want to experience.

So, If you do come to Lagos, pray and pray not to experience the following in traffic…

  • Getting pressed for number two 

It is one thing to be pressed for number 1 (pee) and something else to be pressed for number 2, especially when it can hardly be controlled, maybe caused an allergy or food poisoning. Only then will you realize how dreadful it is to be held in traffic.

You count every second that passes and it’ll be the longest ride of your ride, that’s if you don’t mess yourself up.

  • Sitting close to the conductor

You know that last seat that’s always left in the bus, the one close to the door where the conductor hangs? Have you ever had to sit there, with the conductor wearing a vest or no shirt at all?

If you haven’t, don’t. That could spoil your entire day or even wipe your memory, completely. The body odour most of these conductors have is so bad that it can literally change your life. The only thing that can save you in a time like that, will be for you to get to your destination or change seats.

  • Being on a bus without windows

The most painful thing that can happen to any Lagosian is to take a bus with no windows, sit behind and get held in traffic. It is completely tragic.

It is then you realize how wicked the world is. Imagine being held in traffic on a bus with no windows and someone “not so nice” decided to fart. That is where life becomes difficult.

You are just there, praying to God for a miracle to happen because coming down is not even an option.

  • Bus breakdown

It is just devilish that you are held up in terrible traffic and the bus you are on breaks down. It is so painful, seeing other vehicles pass slowly but moving and you are held up in one spot not even knowing your fate.

Painful because it is almost impossible to find an empty bus to join or get back your money from the conductor at that point.

  • Sitting close to someone with bad breath 

In Lagos traffic, this is the most common cause, especially in the morning. You wonder if people leave their houses without brushing their teeth.

It is a terrible thing you do not want to experience, trust me.

So, to save yourself, you should try to always have perfume oil or something of sort with you to save yourself.

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