VIBE OPINION : Whistle blowing is the new cocaine

In the quest to beef up Nigeria’s battle against the economic and financial crimes in the country which has been an endless war over the years, the Federal Government implemented what they call the “Whistle Blowing Policy”.

This policy was designed to encourage anyone with information about a violation of financial regulations, mismanagement of public funds and assets, financial malpractice, fraud and theft to report it.  

Did i just hear “What’s the benefit of blowing a whistle?”

Oga Relax!!!

There is a reward for genuine whistleblowers. Giving relevant information that leads to the voluntary return of stolen or diverted public funds will be highly beneficial to the whistleblowers. The reward scheme will give set minimum and maximum standards of 2.5 percent and 5 percent respectively as reward to the whistleblowers. The standards will be removed from the total recovered amount and given to the whistleblowers.

So officially one can get paid for snitching whistle blowing

Recently, EFCC found over $30M cash inside someone’s house. Hmmm! That’s excluding the extra ₦20M cash they found in the same house.

Breaking: #EFCC Uncovers Yet Another Huge Sum of Money in Lagos. Bankers Are Around With Their Machines To Assist. Counting Will Be A While.

— EFCC Nigeria (@officialEFCC) 12 April 2017

My Brother….for this same Naija wey money no dey? Yes o

But wait a minute! Someone just hammered! I mean the whistleblower gets between 2.5% to 5% of any money recovered if their information lead to money.

This is should be the hottest job right now.

Why push cocaine when you can just blow a whistle!

So if you expose any fraudulent activity to the EFCC, and it leads to them uncovering about $50Million. You might just get between $1.25Million and $2.5Million as compensation for snitching blowing a whistle.

Cashing out time!

See more clips of the recovered $30Million cash below.

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