Vibe List: The Broke Lagosian’s To-do List This Summer

by Tiffy Daniels


If your plan this summer is to ball, this list is not for you. So many people have been saving up since January so that come June, they can flex on the rest of the world. Some even starved all through the school session, but oh well, what’s my business.

Anyways, for the rest of us who actually cannot come and go and kill ourselves, here is a list of things we could do to medicate our bleeding pockets.


Yes, work. Did you think I was going to start naming spots where they have free food? How do you want to have fun if you don’t have money? Go and work. Summer offers a lot of things different people of various specializations can engage in. Search for part time jobs, online and offline, that you could involve yourself in on ‘Jobberman’, ‘ngcareers’, and many others. After you have earned something, you can now treat yourself to a nice lunch or better still have a day/weekend out on any of the many beaches on Lekki/Epe expressway or wherever you choose to go.


Start an online business

This might sound typical but online businesses actually do pay. No, I do not mean running a scam page but actually running a legit business. If you’re spending majority of your time on social media and you’re not making money from them then you’re wasting your time. The internet has by far the largest reach compared to any other advertising platform. It is the widest, most effective and efficient marketing communication platform, make use of it. Start an online trade, start blogging, sell a need-based product, just do something proper people will pay for. Remember to apply maximum creativity to whatever it is you intend to do. It helps to achieve differentiation and uniqueness which in turn influences purchase decision.

Learn a trade

The economic status of Nigeria today has made skill acquisition a necessity. This is because entrepreneurship has become the bridge between the country’s status as a developing country and her goal to be a developed one. Learning a trade would be an avenue to explore your capabilities while making money at the same time. Recognize your talent and develop it. If you have none, acquire a skill, master it, and watch how you earn from it.

Be a Bum

Well if you still think that I’m going to mention something that won’t take you out of your comfort zone, this is it. If you want to make money, and enjoy your summer, work for it. If you can’t, well, be a bum. Stay at home and watch everyone else grow financially and flex on you, since you have two heads. If your pocket is leaking or in a crisis, you should mend it. Ask yourself, “‘Can my friends confidently say ‘all my guys are ballers’, with me in the picture?'”

There are about 30 days before summer starts proper, so make the most of these days to better your life, one way or another.



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