VIBE GIST: 5 Reasons Why Older Guys are Better Lovers

A lot of people will agree with the idea that the older a guy is the more mature he is and the easier it is to date him. Well, I agree to an extent. Here are 5 reasons you should consider dating an older man if you haven’t done so already.

They’re Better in Bed: Older men take their time, focus on foreplay, and last longer. All of which ensure that they make better lovers.

Older Guys Take Dating More Seriously: If you’re looking for something serious, older guys are your best bet because they are not likely to have flings and they don’t waste your time.

Older Guys are more likely to be More Romantic: Expect breakfast in bed, flowers at your doorstep, PDA, and more from older men.

He has a wealth of experiences: He’s more experienced in life since he’s lived longer.

They are more likely to be financially secure than younger guys: You don’t have to worry about being with a jump off who only wants your money and live off you.

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