VIBE FOOD: 5 Pastries Every Nigerian Should Have Tasted

Pastries are a huge thing here in Nigeria. We use flour and add our Nigerian twist to create all kinds of delicious and mouth-watering pastries. Here are five of the most common pastries found all over Nigeria.

Egg Roll: Egg rolls are made with flour with a boiled egg in the middle.

Gala: Gala is one of Nigeria’s most common pastries and is commonly sold in traffic. It is commonly eaten along with La Casera.

Meat Pie: Meat pie is flour crust with beef filling. It’s sometimes filled with chicken and called chicken pie.

Chin chin: Chin chin is basically flour that is made of flour and chopped into tiny pieces. It’s mostly eaten as a snack.

Cup cakes: If you live around Lagos mainland, you probably have come across these UAC cupcakes.

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