VIBE BEAUTY: 8 Great Reasons To Cut Your Hair!


Cutting your hair is a major life decision. It takes a lot of spunk because long flowy hair has been the standard of beauty for a long time. It’s almost a trend now because over the week, celebrities like Funke Akindele have been taking that big step.

Even international celebrities like Amber Rose, Lupita N’yongo, Keke Palmer.

They show us that you can still look beautiful without a long flowing mane. It’s very easy to style and slay this look.

Short hair will definitely stand you out and draw more attention to your face so if you’re ready for more attention, I dare say you’re half ready for the journey. To give it a more edgier look, you could dye it.

Here are reasons why that big chop would be a good idea.

1. Makes you look younger: This look gives a total transformation to your features. Long hair normally shields and frames your face which adds years to your face, but without any hair on your head, your lovely features take the limelight thus making you appear younger than you actually look.

2. Cost effective: The amount of money that we girls spend on our hair is a little too much. Scratch that, it’s actually a lot. So if you want to save money, this is an important step. No more spending on that weave or wig. Just imagine how much money you would save up when you don’t spend on your hair.

3. Fresh Start: Cutting your hair can signify you’re trying out a new path not only for your hair but also for your life.

4. No More Split Ends: Split ends are annoying and gross, to say the least. Cutting your hair will make your hair healthier and even grow faster. And if you cut your hair short enough and lay off the heating tools, you can say goodbye to split ends for a very long time.

5. You spend less time grooming: No need to bother about washing your hair, so shower time is cut down which is a such a relief and it’s time-saving. Not thinking about shampooing your hair, drying it(especially the drying) and styling your hair. You’re as free as a bird. Plus you get to sleep longer! no need to wake up early because you have to style your hair, and bye-bye to the long hours at the salon.

6. Helps with transitioning: Thinking of going natural, then this step is crucial. You have the chance to re-grow your hair and join the natural gang crew.

7. No Grease: Short hair doesn’t get in your face! Short hair doesn’t need to be touched every five minutes when it gets out of place! Short hair takes forever to get greasy!. So yes it saves your face from coming in contact with too much oil, therefore, preventing you from having unnecessary skin condition.

8. Feels empowering: When you do a big chop, it makes you feel sexy and in charge. Chopping off your beloved long hair is a crucial step in becoming more you. If you cut off your hair, you no longer can hide behind your hair and people can focus on you. It does makes your face stand out.

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