Valentine’s Day: 5 Romantic Date Ideas To Try

Whether you’re single, coupled up, or somewhere in between, you can ensure your V-Day is free of clichés with these non-boring ideas and have the best romantic experience by using any of the tips below.

Home-cooked meal

This particularly applies if you are a man. Call your lover over and cook a gourmet meal for her. You can make a really awesome pasta dish or something out of the ordinary. It also makes it more romantic if she’s watching you cook, so you can both be sharing a bottle of wine and be gisting while you cook. For a list of foods you can make this Valentine’s Day, check out our many awesome food posts.

Car date

This is somewhat unconventional but can be spun into something fun and romantic. Get takeaway food, snacks, drinks, as well as cosy items like pillows, blankets and other essentials. If you can get a projector to show movies, then that will be awesome. But if you can’t, a laptop will do just fine. You can spend the entire time watching movies, gisting, stargazing, and well, a possible backseat action.

Outdoor dinner

This is somewhat cliche, but it still works regardless. And now that there are proper restaurants with the perfect “love in the air” ambience everywhere in the country, then what may seem to be a regular restaurant dinner can turn out to be a really romantic experience.

I’d have suggested you plan one yourself out in the open, but mosquitoes and insects can be a serious hindrance.

Romantic cruise

This works best for people whose pockets can allow for the experience without having to break the bank. There are a lot of yachts and boat clubs around that are sure to offer the perfect romantic cruise experience. The best part is, it can be for as long as 3 days to a week.

Book A Hotel and/or Spa Date

Instead of having to get things done yourself, why not pay to have people sort everything for you as well as pamper you? Hotels across the country are offering the valentine’s day experience; dinners, spas, and a lot more activities for couples and single people looking to meet someone to enjoy.

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