Valentine’s Day: 3 Amazing Gifts To Buy A Music Lover This Season


Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it is once again a great time to prove that we truly love and value the good people in our lives by buying them gifts.

If you are racking your brain thinking of what to get your significant other, don’t worry anymore because I am here (*in All Might’s voice*). Below you will find a list of cool and quality gadgets you can gift someone (especially a music lover) on valentine’s day.

Bluetooth speakers

Music keeps getting better with new awesome sounds being produced every day. sS to fully enjoy and take in every sound, beat and instrumental, a quality speaker that is loud enough to cause tremors is needed. Bluetooth speakers offer all this and more. They are more or less like small, mobile home theatres that are even loud enough to be used fin a party. Trust me, a music lover will truly feel the love in such a gift.

Noise cancellation headsets

As a creative, I know the value of listening to music while I work as it usually helps stimulate my creativity a lot. But the one thing I don’t like is outside noises interfering with the music I am listening to. The first time I got a noise cancellation headset, I felt like I had given myself the greatest gift ever, and even as I am writing this post, the headset is still in use. Most times, when people want to listen to music, they want to drown in it and not care about the ever-noisy world outside their headset and that’s why noise cancellation headsets are great Valentine’s Day gifts for music lovers.

Music Streaming Platform Music Subscription

To enjoy unlimited streaming and have access to millions of songs on streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, MTN Music +, Boom Play Music, Tidal, etc., subscriptions are needed. Many people do not take advantage of this area enough in terms of using it as a gift, but imagine you subscribing for a full year on a music streaming platform for a loved one, that is one gift that he/she will no doubt really value because you would have literally given him/her one less thing to worry about or try to remember over the course of the year.


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