Unsung Heroes In The English Premier League

The English Premier League plays host to many world-class players and boasts the likes of great players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Frank Lampard, Paul Scholes, Paul Pogba, Sergio Aguero, Thirbaut Courtois, and Alexis Sanchez who have either played in or are currently playing in the English Premier League.

Thanks to the “English Media Hype”, we have popular players who aren’t up to the average in the footballing world being thought of as ‘world-class materials’, while unsung heroes who actually add value to their respective teams and the league as a whole are left to wallow in the shadows.

Here are a list of 6 unsung heroes in the EPL (in no particular order)

Nacho Monreal
Nacho Monreal

Nacho Monreal – The versatile defender has been on par with the likes of Real Madrid’s Marcelo in terms of attacking prowess down the left-hand side, making quality runs down the left-hand side.

Antonio Valencia
Antonio Valencia

Antonio Valencia – He was signed as the replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo, but surprise surprise, ever since Gary Neville retired from football, the red devils have struggled to find a player to hold down that position, and it fell on winger Valencia to fill that role, a role he has filled all too well.

Jan Vertonghen

Jan Vertonghen – The 29-year-old has been a regular figure for Tottenham in the back four since he signed in 2012, and thanks to him, Tottenham’s defensive record has improved since then. Being the last man in the defence has helped him add more clean sheets to Hugo Lloris’ collection.

James Milner

James Milner – The Manchester City Castaway –turned Liverpool Captain is by far the most underrated English football player and has been for most of his career. His vision, crosses and ability to pick a pass from long range are abilities no player in the current England squad has. He has been called a ‘poor man’s Steven G’, but he deserves more.

Manuel Lanzini

Manuel Lanzini – The Argentine has no doubt been shadowed in both West Ham and the EPL, though with good reason, as Dimitri Payet is in West Ham, however, the creative midfielder moves just as good, and his positioning to receive passes and get on the end of crosses is worth mentioning, as not many midfielders in the EPL have that trait.

Loic Remy
Loic Remy

Loic Remy – The lethal striker has fallen down the pecking order ever since he moved to Chelsea FC from Newcastle, featuring mostly from the bench or not at all in Chelsea’s devastating season. However, he is still one of the most lethal strikers in the Premier League, if he can move to a team that’ll allow him to prove just how good he is.

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