Tyler Perry Unveils Jaw Jropping Studio

World renowned and award winning actor, writer, director and producer Tyler Perry popularly known as his famous character ‘Madea’ unveiled his grand studio estate in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this week.

‘The New Hollywood’ as the Tyler Perrys Studio (TPS) is popularly referred to is said to have a larger acre of land than that of Warner Bros, Paramount and Walt Disney’s Hollywood lots combined at a jaw dropping 330 Acres!

The studio lays home to most sets which have been used in Perrys various films, TV shows and plays which have been his primary reason for success and the only exact replica of the Washington Presidential White House with just a few acres less.

After investing $30 million to buy the former military base in 2015, Perry has been transforming it ever since; his team invested another $250 million which got them 12 sound stages; but that isn’t all, Tyler intends to go into a second phase of expansion which will include a small European town, a six-lane highway, a lake and many other assets that will help make more than just movies and TV shows.

Tyler is the first African American to independently achieve such a phenomal task, he has raised the bar exceedingly high and shown us all that indeed the past does not define you neither does it determine your future!

For an ariel view of the studio click the link below!

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