The Weeknd’s New Look Makes My Eyes Hurt

Abel Tesfaye, AKA the Weeknd, had gone off the grid for a while now. That wasn’t a surprise though, considering the fact that he split with his off and on girlfriend of 4+ years, Bella Hadid, after which he hinted a new album would be dropping this year.

If you already know Abel, it’s not hard to decipher what that album would be about. I’m deeply convinced this album which he termed ‘Chapter 6’ during one of his concerts, is going to be another ‘Kiss Land’_Melancholic and dark, yet satisfying. You don’t believe me? Here’s a teaser he tweeted as proof.

Back to the subject, after going off the grid, Abel suddenly comes back looking like El Chapo’s little apprentice. I’m actually crying.

He attended the “Uncut Gems” premiere at the Princess of Wales Theater as part of the Toronto International Film Festival, where he debuted this new look. Someone said ‘The Weeknd killed Abel and came back with Abelito’, and I couldn’t agree more.

When he cut off his dreads and decided to go with a punk, my heart hurt a little but I found comfort in the fact that it was all part of a transformation into a better and not so sadistic person.

But now…now I don’t know how to react. My eyes hurt just by looking at these pictures. The new album better make up for this distress because I’m totally not having this new look. On behalf of the XO association in Nigeria, I must say, this look is a no! We want Abel back!




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