The Year of No Chill: 10 WTF! moments of 2016



While members of the human race were busy making resolutions they had no intentions to keep, and partying into the new year, 2016 had other plans. From the local scale of the  Olamide-Donjazzy Headies  rift that opened the year, to the global scale of the US presidential elections and everything in between, it is safe to say that 2016 will be ushered to the front row of memorable history.

Some moments were magical; a couple cut deep while these 10 (in no particular order) were way beyond unthinkable and had us screaming “What tha’ actual flipping f**k?!!!!


We are still trying to recover from the Kingkong horror flick that went down at the Cincinnati Zoo, when a 3 year old tod somehow walked past sane thinking adults and landed in Harambe the gorilla’s moat playground!!! See full story.


Disney Alligator Resort

This one definitely sent chills down all our spines. Sometime in June, 2 year old Lane Graves waddled into a Disney resort lake at 9pm and got snatched by a frigging alligator!!! Unlike the Harambe incident, baby Lane didn’t make it.  See full story.


Nigerian Sports Sector

Sandwiched in utter cluelessness, the guys at the helm of sports affairs  gave us numerous causes to rumple our faces in disgust. How do you not make plans for your team against the olympics? How do you tell the media that you did not expect your team to win hence not making payment provisions available?  Like really though??  See full story.


Pastor Obinim

A video popped up online which showed a Ghanian pastor beating 2 members of his congregation with a leather belt strap because they had premarital sex. Oh did we mention that this same pastor slept with a junior pastor’s wife in 2011?  See full story.

Hillary Clinton’s  Loss

The entire world probably chorused WTF when the results of the 2016 American Elections surfaced with Hillary Clinton losing to almighty controversial Trump.  See full story.


Simpsons’ Trump Prediction.

As far as TV shows go, the Simpsons have got to be the spookiest. How they managed to predict the 9/11 attacks and then Trump’s win will continue to leave us bewildered out of our minds.  See full story.


It has been a horror movie since Ponzi Schemers MMM gave their Nigerian participants a shock of their lives by announcing the freezing of accounts until after the Yuletide. Popularly known for helping people lose money (lol), it is believed that half the Nigerian population are currently suicidal.  See full story.


Terence Crutcher’s Death

It took us a while to wrap our minds around this incident. Even worse was the conversation of the policemen in the helicopter that hovered the scene. Who sees a man from many feet above ground level and randomly conclude he’s a bad guy???  See full story.


President Buhari’s N20m Ear Treatment

For the sake of not ruling the entire change agenda as a WTF moment, we have decided only this madness will make the cut. Nigerian president, amidst all the instability his government has faced and is still facing, spent twenty million naira outside the shores of our own failing healthcare to treat an infected ear.  See full story.


South African Pastor and his Dettol Drinking Congregation

It is bad enough that Prophet Rufus Phala has since been hydrating his flock with popular disinfectant, Dettol. Members of his congregation have also been self administering the liquid and sending him whatsapp proof of their healing.  See full story.

dettol-pastor 2016



We bet you stumbled upon some epic 2016 wtf moments yourself. Why not share with us in the comment section?

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