#ThrowBackThursday: How did Guys Ask Girls Out Before Cell Phones And Social Media?

If you think wooing a woman nowadays is not easy, imagine how difficult it must have been back in the day. I am talking about the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Today social media and cell phones have made toasting a girl a little less stressful. With the amount of dating sites and other social media platforms, some guys just sit at home beside the computer or with a phone, and they can get a date easily. It is now so easy for guys to get that girls number or social media handle and start texting, supping or helloing without any stress. My question is: has this now made our guys lazy? Some don’t even bother to go on a proper date anymore. They just call and text and then ask you to come to the house (or even worse the hotel).

You may be wondering how I thought about this topic. Well, the other day, I was talking to an older guy and he said “do you know that the guys of today do not know how to ask a girl out?”. I asked him what he meant, and he said; “I put my younger brother to test a few days back. I asked him why he had not asked the girl across the street that he liked out and the next thing he asked was if I knew her Instagram handle or her phone number”. Back in the day, he said, there were no phones or social media but guys still pursued ladies successfully. This made me curious; how did people date before the era of cell phones and social media? How was it done?

Well, according to him, you have to make her agree to a date on the first day you meet her. In order to do this, you would introduce yourself, engage her in meaningful conversations, tell her you like her a lot and you wouldn’t mind getting to know her better. Then you ask her if you can come to her house, church, school, etc. on a certain day (and time!) to see her. After the first date, on the spot you both fix the next date and so on. Mind you, if on any date you are late or if she is late, maybe caught by traffic or God forbid, had an accident, you may never know or find out ever and that could be the end of the dating…unless you both share mutual friends and somehow get to find out what happened.

Yes! This was dating in Nigeria in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s! So… young guys please stop complaining and nagging about how hard dating is. You now have all the resources to stay in touch, and most importantly, in the mind of the lady you desire. The older guys never had this and still they made it work. They had babes who later became wives and mothers. These babes are the mothers to you all!

So…stop complaining guys, put in the work: call, text, take her on a date, have interesting conversations and go to interesting places. And be thankful for cell phones and social media…it wasn’t always this easy.

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