Three Relaxing Things To Do On Workers’ Day

Workers' Day
Workers’ Day

So, tomorrow the 1st of May 2019 has been declared a public holiday in celebration of all workers around the world. While some have plans already, others have no clue what to do with their holiday.

Below are three ideas on how to spend your holiday…


Going to the cinema tomorrow is a ‘no-no’. Going to the cinema on any public holiday isn’t really a good idea as the cinema is most likely to be packed. So, instead of going to the cinema, why not stay at home or go over to a friend and spend time on Netflix. You could share movie ideas with your friends which makes it even more interesting.

Food Tasting

For food lovers, a day like tomorrow is the perfect time to go food tasting. You might want to try out that meal that you’ve been hearing so much about or the ongoing GTB food and drinks festival; either way, you’ll spend your day eating delicious meals.

Stay home and sleep

On behalf of the people had a very long weekend and haven’t had time to rest, I’ll like to say that we are the most grateful, as we intend to stay home, in bed, sleeping the day off. If you fall into this category, I am happy for you; let’s go sleep…

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