#TheTingGoes: Michael Dapaah Signs Record Deal With Island Records

The ting goesBritish rapper Michael Dapaah, who became an overnight sensation after his freestyle session with BBC Radio, has signed a record deal with ace record label Island Records.

‘The Ting Goes‘ rapper, who is currently the most used meme on social media, may have to change his ‘mans not hot, man can never be hot‘ line from his famous freestyle cos he is now the hottest thing in the music industry.

He took to Instagram with a post captioned “When a Roadman gets a record deal ?
Friday 22nd – Mans Not Hot – Full song is out ?
? Filmed & Edited by @MarvBrownFilms 
#TurnOnMyPostNotifications ✅” to express his excitement as well as the proceedings of signing the record deal.

Check out the ting goes rapper signing the record deal in the Instagram post below:


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