#TheFalzExperience2017 – A Promise Kept

Written by OlaJumoke Adebiyi

When I saw the first online banner and the hashtag for the event, I already knew I was going to be there, majorly because I am such a huge fan of Falz the Bahd Guy but also because the online promo promised a lot which I knew that he could deliver.

Getting the ticket wasn’t an easy decision either. Truth is I was a little cash-strapped and three of my favs were having their concerts in the same month, so I had to a mental ‘Eenie Meenie Miney Mo’. Falz won the deciding round, so I got the ticket. It turned out to be the best (social) decision I have made in the last few months. The few days leading up to the concert day were filled with anticipation. I had seen Falz perform a couple of times before but it always felt like a snack. I wanted a whole 3-course meal Falz performance and I was going to get it. Naturally, I was counting hours till it was time to go.

IG: @falzthebahdguy | Falz and Simi performing

The show was billed to start ‘8 o’clock sharp, no African time’, based on this promise, the girls and I were all tagged and seated at 7:50. We didn’t start until 9:45 or thereabout, although amid profuse apologies, a representative of his team gave some explanation for the tardiness blaming the traffic at the venue for it. We were a bit disappointed but then, the Hype man, Shody and Crowd Kontroller who DJ’ed the event filled in nicely keeping the crowd engaged and sufficiently hyped with dope jams while we waited for the show to begin.

IG: @falzthebahdguy | Falz, Yemi Alade, Dancers

The show began with a couple of comedy skits leading up to, perhaps, what was the grandest entrance by any Nigerian artiste in a long time -Man legit came in through the roof. Of course, the crowd went crazy. I really do not have sufficient time nor energy to give an in-depth description of each and every performance but know this- THEY. WERE. ALL. BOMB!

Anyone that really watched the show would agree with me that TFE was indeed an experience. Falz and his team put a lot of effort into making it worth his fans’ time, money and love. For a debut solo show, it was quite fantastic to be honest. The music, the energy, the top notch performances, the mind blowing theatrics, everything was crazy! But then again, it’s Falz the Bahd Guy.

Here are few things that I thought were great and not-so- great about the concert for me.

vibe.ng falz experience
IG: @falzthebahdguy | Bahd and Baddest

I. He played on his many strengths. Falz the comic, Falz the actor, Falz the Musician, Falz the MC, Falz the Performer all came out to play and it was nothing short of amazing.

II. From what we could we front-stage, it was a well-planned show. The deliberateness of
everything was impressive. They left very little to chance. From the song choices to the
stage work, it was obvious that planning had gone on for months and they were well

III. It was a proper headline show. There were no distracting ‘side’ performances from all the other artistes (and they were a quite a number) that graced the TFE stage. All the attention was on the headline act, as it should be.

IV. Everyone brought their A-game.

V. The show, when it finally started was well timed. There were no attempts to drag the show on or milk the crowd for longer than necessary.

VI. They shared chilled coke and popcorn. I’m a foodie, naturally, this gets points.

i. Lateness is never cool, especially when you promised otherwise.

ii. The live projection screens didn’t work for the better part of the show, so there was a
disconnect at some point with the fans who sat at the back and weren’t able to see the
stage from where they seated (or standing). I speak for the ones in regular; after all that
neck stretching, Falz and his team owe us some aboniki for the pain.

iii. The seating arrangement could have been better.

After a lot of electrifying performances, what was definitely my best Nigerian concert experience yet came to an end. Did Falz deliver? Yes, he did. (He even proposed as he said he would! Well, kinda.) Did I have a great time? Yes, I did. Will I be going for another TFE? Definitely, probably buy a VIP Ticket too because all that great stuff cannot be sufficiently enjoyed from the back. Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope with these few points of mine I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you that Falz IS the Bahdest guy of them all! No? Argue with your mirror.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that I am not a critic nor an expert on these things and this is by no means an expert review or opinion. I’m just a fan who attended an event and has decided to document her experience. Quote me at your own risk.

Written by OlaJumoke Adebiyi


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