The Mayor Of Lagos: Track By Track Reaction and Analysis Of Mayorkun’s Debut

  • The intro of the song (Feelings) hits you with a nostalgic mix and match of lyrics and melodies that somehow remind you of Wizkid and 2baba. The mom factor seals it with a kiss, further causing you to invest even more emotions into what the Mayor has to say in the remaining 13 tracks.
  • Sope follows in all its dramatic and upbeat splendour, possessing every quality of a party favourite that can be mistakenly played in church (if they do not recognize what he did with Jason’s Derulo’s Swalla hook that is. Hilarious stuff.) By title and by theme, this piece is very reminiscent of Wande Coal’s Sope on Mushin To Mohits and it is currently one of the most streamed songs off the album.
  • Tire is another one receiving ultra-massive streams (and I confess to being partly responsible for this). If you liked Runtown’s Mad Over You and Kidi’s Odo, this one is about to give your repeat button a migraine. It celebrates love in the most flattering of ways and you know what this does to the female folk.
  • Fantasy is one feel-good party material. The eastern Flavour is quite thoughtful as it helps to give Mayorkun’s Ibo fans, some sort of personalized cultural experience. To think that this song dropped with Posh and Posh bullied into near oblivion…+ I think it is safe to say that the Kiddominant/ Mayorkun synergy issa go!

  • Nigerian weddings now have a new favourite in Aya Mi because Mayorkun practically spins the essence of marriage vows and the shenanigans of a typical wedding day, into a lovable 3minute track.
  • Posh was previously released as a single and although it is not one of my favourites, it indisputably holds its place in the big picture of the Nigerian dream.
  • Tell me, did Oshepete bring back the early noughties D’banj that you dearly loved or not?

    “Are you a frequent flyer? Don’t be a liar”

D’banj on Mayorkun’s Oshepete

Of course, Mayorkun is on skills showoff here with his hilarious, near-corny metaphors and wordplay but it is hard to get over Dbanj’s stellar performance.

  • Jonze Me featuring Sarkodie is yet another anthem for the love-stricken and though it feels like a lesser loved baby bro of Tire, there is still a lot of room for the tables to turn.
  • Drama Queen is hands down the Monalisa of this project. I literally put my hands on my head when the hook came on. Like W.T.F????
    Fresh is from out of this world. The fusion of Opera-like sounds and the dirty picturesque truth Mayorkun spat effortless qualifies this jam as high-end music. This is one beautifully conceptualized piece and I saw it turn people into believers of Mayorkun before my eyes.
  • Mofo featuring Patoranking is a decent one about girls who hold their men down emotionally and financially. It definitely doesn’t make top three but does it so much more than an album filler? Possibly.
  • Red-Handed was teased so hard and for so long that we almost lost our appetite. (If you like, hoard Ola for 5 years. We have looped the snippet you dropped into a full track and we are doing just fine.) Back to the song, we’re once again reminded that Davido’s current team is unfuckwithable. Red-handed seems like it was made in such good team spirit and every single person came correct.

There’s nothing I want to tell you about Bobo, Cheche and Mama that you do not already know. They were earlier released as very heavy singles and serve as a perfect closing note for The Mayor of Lagos album.

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