The Mayor Of Lagos Album: Commendations, Concerns and Conclusion


  • This project has tested and proven the essence of Mayorkun’s incredible talent and vast musical skillset
  • All guests came through uniquely and with no intention to overshadow Mayorkun
  • I’m not the best judge of sound quality but it looks to me like everyone- from producer to sound engineer brought their A-game.
  • The influence that the DMW team have on each other shines through on this album.
  • There’s not one track on this album that is remotely unbearable.
  • All albums that have moms featured in them always have a special place in music history. Ask Jayz and Lil Wayne.
  • Mayorkun scammed us with an overdose of nostalgia, making the album even easier to consume.
  • The title “The Mayor of Lagos” feels more like a convenient title than a theme that ties deeply into the project but in my opinion, Mayorkun is the actual mayor of Afropop.
  • The tracklist art that weaves the music into the map of Lagos is siiiiick though!
  • I repeat, Davido’s formation is untouchable and Mayorkun is one precious, invaluable player on the team.


An ardent listener of Mayorkun thinks this album gives off the vibe of a bunch of singles put together as opposed to an interconnected project and I partly agree. Drama Queen also seems to be the only track that presented an unpredictable side of Mayorkun. It is very important to be commercially smart as it concerns albums in these zones but there’s certainly a little room for some more wow-factor.

There are no other serious concerns about this for now, except this big fat one. Dearest Mayorkun, why is there no presence of a female artiste on your album?


Creating an entire album with high replay value in these end times is not beans so we’ve got to give the Mayor the respect that is due to him. While this album is a very impressive piece, there’s a strong conviction that he’s only scratched the surface of his capabilities.

In Mayorkun’s Rookie to Rockstar feature for Vibe NG Magazine, I played around the idea of him being a viable successor of one of the two thrones currently filled by Wizkid and Davido. Exactly one year later, I have no regrets.

That said, my Top 3 tracks to die for are Tire, Drama Queen and Red-handed and my overall rating is a chummy 7/10.

I’ll be waiting to read your nice or bashing thoughts in the comments.


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