The List of La Liga Top Scorers

The previous season, the competition among La Liga top scorers has been confidently won by Lionel Messi. Is anyone at least in the Spanish championship ready to impose competition on him, or the Argentinian will once again fight against himself? We will find this out very soon.

The previous season, Messi was in great shape, and this was the key reason for another champion title for Barcelona. Lionel often decided the fate of a game single-handedly, when he scored 2-3 goals against his opponents.

The closest competitors in the list of top scorers of La Liga have been left far behind. Benzema, Stuani, Suarez had a good season, but at the end, they couldnt impose a real fight on Lionel, who became the top scorer not only of the Spanish championship, but of the whole European season, and was awarded the Golden Boot.

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Every year, Messi is getting older, and it is becoming extremely difficult for him to show a consistently high level of performance. Lionel plays in not all matches and is tunedonly for the main ones. In the next season, someone may try to challenge him. This may be Jovic, who now plays for Real. However, there are a lot of factors against the Serb:

  • the need to adapt to the new championship;
  • high level of competition inside Real;
  • not the best performance the previous last season compared to Messi.

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Of course, Messi is the main favourite, but will he have enough motivation to prove his genius to fans once again? The tournament distance is very long and intense, so can give surprises, too, including those who are not the most popular clubs. It is enough to recall Aspas, who played for Celta the previous season almost alone. There are a lot of such players in the Primera.

The upcoming season of the Spanish championship promises to become a real battle of the renewed Real and Barcelona, which seriously changed their lineups. Thanks to the livescore 777, you will be the first to know the results of matches with their participation, as well as the games of their rivals. The long tournament distance promises to be intense and will surely please the fans with the struggle not only for the team but also for individual trophies.


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