The Kind of Guy Every Girl In Her 20s Should Wait For

dating couple vibe.ngWhen it comes to relationships, many people rush to be in one either due to peer pressure or just to experience the feeling. Sadly, this has led to many broken hearts, tears, depressions, and even cases of attempted suicide.

Also on the other hand, because of the goal to get married at 25 and avoid having to go to “Shiloh,” a lot of girls are in the wrong relationships for what they think are the right reasons. The truth is, your man is out there and you will meet him and experience the best of life with him eventually, but you have to know the kind of man that you should either be dating or you should wait for. Make sure he has the qualities listed below.

  • He must respect your parents because if he doesn’t, then he sure as hell don’t respect you.
  • He will never judge you for your past. Most of us have histories and skeletons anyways, it’s all about who you are now and not who you were, and if he can’t see that, then there’s a serious problem.
  • He lets you know that he is proud of you and motivates you to achieve your goals.
  • He makes you laugh till your ribs start hurting you.
  • He always prays with and for you
  • He doesn’t make you feel like the love and affection are one-sided.
  • He always admits his faults and isn’t wallowing in his pride to the extent of not saying sorry.
  • Your ideal guy shouldn’t hesitate to introduce you to his friends and family members.
  • He doesn’t make you feel like his career takes precedence over you.
  • He knows how to cook and has good home-management skills.
  • He will watch chick-flicks and romantic movies with you just because you want to.
  • He will take a leave from work to care for you when you are sick.
  • He will see something more than just your beauty and will not make sex a must.
  • He will not be afraid of commitment.
  • He will listen to you when you are talking, even in an argument.
  • He will never treat you as an option.
  • He will be okay with you having male friends and will not enforce his will on you.
  • He will prefer your natural look and will also prefer your pictures without filters.


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