The Best Ways to Maintain Men’s Wedding Rings

When it comes to wedding bands for men, it is fairly the only jewelry that they have to wear for the rest of their lives. Owing to the sedentary lifestyle and laborious profession, the wedding bands for men often gets damaged due to daily wear and tear. This should not be the case with you since your wedding band is meant to be enjoyed and represent the love and bond you have with your partner.

Some people also prefer to pass their luxurious wedding bands made of metals like platinum and gold to their next in hierarchy. This needs you to extend the lifetime of the wedding band, which can be easily done by following these maintenance tips laid down by wedding ring professionals like Check some of them out:

Avoid Removing the Ring in Public: Often after using your hand for eating or some other activity that requires washing hands, you might feel the urge to put your ring aside before applying the soap. This is not a really good idea because there is a chance of you forgetting the ring there or accidentally drop it in the sink. Do not take any risk with something so precious.

Routine Inspection: Just like you see your doctor after a while for a routine checkup, taking your ring to a jeweller for inspection is equally important. If the jeweller finds the need for cleaning, he/she will guide you through some steps or will get it cleaned by professionals. Apart from that, the jeweller will also apply a careful pair of eyes for loose settings or any issue on the embellishments.

Regular Cleaning and Upkeep: In order to maintain the shine and lustre of the wedding band, it is really important to get them cleaned at regular intervals. You can also opt for a DIY cleaning with a soft toothbrush and a bowl of warm water. This will ensure the removal of the dirt buildup on the ring. However, be careful while cleaning and maintain a safe distance from sinks and drains.

Do not Overlook Poor Condition: If you have gems or diamonds engraved on your ring and you identify a loose setting, do not neglect the issue, as it can lead to further damage including an event of lost stone. It goes without saying how precious and expensive stones and diamonds are, so make sure that the damages are taken care of within time. That is why it is vital to choose a jewellery shop that has additional policies on ring damages and maintenance.

Safe Storage: At times, you will have to take off the ring, especially when participating in a sports event. Make certain of the fact that your ring is stored in a secure place. Not only this ensures the safety of your ring, but it also avoids getting any damage. Although, be mindful of providing a separate storage for your wedding band or else it will get cluttered with other ornamental stuff.

A wedding band is something that men earn as a symbol of mutual love, respect, and care from their partners. This very fact makes it necessary to pay complete attention to the upkeep of the ring in order to protect its shine and aesthetic nature.

BY Andrew Thompson

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