The Artistry and Glorifying Vocal Depths of Glowrie from The Voice Nigeria

Capable of bringing the roof down with her vocals, Glowrie glows up our heart with her voice and gives us goose pimples with her vocal range and intensity. While the intensity of the attention around her has increased since she debuted on The Voice Nigeria, she remains down-to-earth and lovely. She’s charmingly loquacious and the only thing that rivals her beautiful voice is her apt skilled way of owning the stage whilst performing.

The 26-year-old Primary School teacher started singing at the age of 5, where she sang in a church group with some of her older siblings. Some of her favourite Nigerian musicians include Waje, Tiwa Savage and Omawumi.

See full Exclusive interview with Glory Amanyi below.

Hint us on your background and how it all started.

Glowrie: It all started with me being born into a family of music, I was actually born into a family of four, two boys two girls. I met them into the music so I joined them and that’s how it has been all through till now.

What do you mean when you say you were born into a music family?

Glowrie: Everybody in my family is a musician like my dad sings, my mum sings. My mum is even a zonal choir mistress, my brothers are already deep into the music.

What made you decide to compete in The Voice Nigeria?

Glowrie: The thing is I didn’t apply, I just got a call from someone that was asking if I was interested in the competition, I said I was and so the journey began.

What was it like?

Glowrie: It was tough about 3000 people in which only 105 people were chosen to travel for the next round of auditions. From 105 we were cut down to 49, down to 32 to 24, like that until I made it to the semi-finals, my heart beat every time.

What life lessons did you take away from The Voice?

Glowrie: The lesson I learned and I think I’m practicing right now is the ability to be confident anywhere in the world. For those that watched the audition the very first time, I could hardly see I was so nervous, my nervousness got the best of me but with the help of Waje, my coach they just saw a different Glowrie so my confidence has increased, vocally and I’m also disciplined.

What was it like working with Waje?

Glowrie: I felt privileged working with someone like Waje and she was so friendly and motherly, so it didn’t correlate with her Tv image, I felt honored and privileged to work with her.

Would you have preferred to be coached by someone else?

Glowrie: Actually before I got there, I actually thought I’d pick Timi Dakolo, but I’m happy Waje picked me because if I was on time team, I wouldn’t have made it this far because there were so many tight singers on his team.

What advantages/disadvantages are there in being Terry G’s sister?

Glowrie: First, I don’t like to announce that I’m Terry G’s sister, I like people to accept me for who I am and maybe find out later but even at that, I still want people to relate normally with me because they knew the old Glory before they knew I was Terry G’s sister.

Do you agree with the choice of Idyll being the winner?

Glowrie: Of course I agree, he had the highest votes.

Do you think he won by merit?

Glowrie: Well, the only reason I think he deserved it is because he was hardworking all through, so I think he deserved it.

Whats your genre of music?

Glowrie: Ok I do gospel, pure gospel or gospel inspirational



Why gospel?

Glowrie: Because in it,  I find fulfillment and conviction.

So are you an active participant in church activities?

Glowrie: I’m not only active, I’m hyperactive.

How do you plan to break into the music industry?

Glowrie: Well, thank God I have elder ones that are already in the industry, I’ll just be following in their footprints until I get to where I’m headed.

Do you think your genre of music will pull the same weight hip-hop or R&B is pulling?

Glowrie: It has a very high chance, so yes.

What exactly is it that makes you unique?

Glowrie:  The unique thing about me is the depth of my voice.

What offers have come your way after The Voice?

Glowrie:  Well I’ve gotten a couple of invites to churches and other places, some I’ve accepted, some I’ve turned down. The ones I’ve turned down, It was because they didn’t fit into my big picture.

So are there other side hustles?

Glowrie: Before the voice, there were other side hustles but after the voice, its just only music.

Do you think your brothers kind of music will affect your career?

Glowrie: I don’t think anything will affect anything, I’m even planning to feature him on one of my tracks, just like Tasha Cobbs ft Nicki Minaj. People will talk, if they don’t talk about you that means you don’t exist.

Are you in any relationship and if you are how has been in the voice affected it?
Glowrie: No I’m not in any relationship, I’m single and not searching.

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