Tales Of A Nigerian Youth


I woke up this morning itching mosquito bites all over my body and pulling my night shirt which stuck to my body due to sweat from the heat since having light overnight is a wish for the fortunate.

I couldn’t allow this to bring me down since I had just gotten an email for a job interview by 9am, this would be 2 years post uni without a steady job because it is every time I get hired that is when a company knows they need to make budget cuts and lay off staff and I always being one of the new staff always drew the wrong end of the stick.

It is 4am and I need to be out of here in the next 30 minutes because the journey from Festac to anywhere can take 2 days if one is not careful in this Lagos, I know I have to take at least 4 buses and an okada to get to the destination of the office; one would expect me to be more excited than I am but honestly I would just want to get a job and spend more than 6 months then will I go to church and sing shout of praises but at the moment let’s just see how today goes.

Everything was going well until I alighted my 3rd bus, we were going smooth on the express until we heard a loud sound, *BOOM*

all of a sudden my salivating sleepy self woke up in a jolt as the car spun out of control, all the passengers screamed for their savior and the driver tried his best to stabilize the vehicle whole I tried to understand what was going on, we eventually collided with a vehicle in traffic and came to a halt. Imagine my dismay having to come down from the bus by 6:50am and have to start looking for another means to get to the office.

I finally get on an okada that took me to my next bus stop and do you know what happens next? It started drizzling. I couldn’t cry physical tears because I was so emotionally exhausted and hanging on a thread that I nearly went back home because then I could sulk in the comfort of my home and not on the main road with thousands of people around.

I got to my bus stop and hopped on the next bus because there was absolutely no time to spare, the time was 8:00 and I had less than 30 minutes to get to the office because I like being extremely punctual for any appointment and would rather wait for them to be ready for me than for them to be waiting for me.

I got on an okada that would take me straight to the venue and whilst on the way a car sped past us and splashed water on us,


I actually saw double until I calmed down and prayed silently for there not be so much of an issue as I looked to see the damage, to my shock it was just my white socks that got stained; once I got to the venue I took off my socks and thanked God that I decided to cream my feet so they didn’t look ashy.

As I walked in with 5 minutes to spare, giving myself a pep talk and trying to calm down

I saw the receptionist who told me to have a sit whilst she cross checked my appointment, after about 10 minutes of waiting I was directed into the office of the head of Human Resources. She apologized for the delay and asked to see my credentials, once checking them then she turned to look at me with a sad face and immediately my mood deflated.

She said that the CEO had selected who she wanted for the position already and with the administrative assistant being sick no one was able to send a follow-up email, I smiled whilst my heart broke all the more and I said that it was fine and started to get up, she thanked me for coming all the way and told me that she would let me know as soon as there was an opening because she was highly impressed with my overall conduct and CV.

I got up left and looked for the nearest shawarma joint, I sat down, plugged my earphones and ate my spicy shawarma with a cold coke and a side of fries and decided that I couldn’t allow the day I had to bring me down because tomorrow is another day and we keep on MOVING!

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