Swae Lee “Mistakenly” Flashes P*nis While Showing Off Tattoos

Swae Lee is the latest celebrity to expose the junk that’s meant to be in the trunk on social media for the world to see.

In a video posted by Swae, he was showing off his new tattoo and the camera went up to reveal what was down there.  Although Swae explained the mistake, Twitter had already gotten a hold of it and were out making jokes at the star’s expense.

Watch the video below.

There are so many questions to ask, but the most important one is, “why the heck wasn’t he wearing any clothes?” I mean, if he was wearing clothes, then that could have been avoided. And did he forget he wasn’t wearing any? Surely one would know that a bird’s eye view in such a situation will show things that aren’t meant for the public eye.

Ah well, I guess the did is done.

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