Style Tips for Muscular Guys: How To show off your sexy physique


If you have outgrown your wardrobe and you are constantly at war when the topic of what to wear crosses your mind, this article is just for you as it will guide you through developing and restructuring your personal style.

To all my sexy ass ripped brothers, I applaud the humanistic and kind act that you bestow upon us your female populace by appearing so tone and fit. I on behalf of my female race would like to commend you, unlike your other counterparts who are slacking in this department.

Your shopping experience should not be as hard as a work out session, and I gladly provide the way forward with this following ideas.

1. Casuals: This mode of dressing isn’t only comfortable and easy to pull off, but it flatters your shape and allows you express your creative fashion style. From body-hugging t-shirts to snug jeans to armless/sleeveless tops and dapper blazers. Everything basically works on your body frame, so you don’t need to try so much. (ps- do us a huge service by rocking more of sleeveless tops, *wink, you know what I mean..)

2. Sportswear: This could be a lifesaver when all your clothes don’t fit no more, rocking your jogger and a tee isn’t a bad combination at all. Although it depends on the occasion, for a lazy afternoon outing or a hangout with your friends, it’s not a bad idea at all.

3. SuitsSuit up in cleanly cut jackets and trousers. Fitted suits make for a suave appearance. Ensure that it’s tailor-made exactly for your body structure.

4. Infuse new trends Fashion is ever evolving, and you can rock pieces such as scarfs, hats and the rest, so long as it’s done moderately. Trust me you don’t want the shine taken away from your already gorgeous appearance and also you can be forgiven for any fashion mistake you make (for obvious reasons), but do not overdo it cause you already standout thanks to your body structure.

5. Avoid too skinny wears

Too tight clothes might cut off blood circulation or something more drastic. So go for attires that a little bit bigger than your normal size.

We know you want to draw attention to those chiselled chests, but don’t overkill it with clothes that make you look like you want to burst out of it. keep it moderately fitted.

6. Make your tailor your best friend 

Understandably, just like most big people who can’t find their size in the market, get a skilled tailor who can incorporate creativity and style into their designs. Custom made attires should be your go-to.

7. Stick to cool colours

Monochrome and sombre colours such as blue, brown, black and olive are your best friends. These colours give you a demure and cool look, they ensure that the focus is on your style and your dapper appearance.

8. Rock V-necks tee’s

In my opinion, V-neck fitted tee’s give a snug, cool and fashionable look. Pairing it with a blazer is the ultimate style combo. And if you can’t find any top to wear, go topless.

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