Style memoir: The Afrocentric century trend

We are all aware of how fashion trends have evolved in the Nigeria fashion industry and how locally printed materials were not always celebrated as they are now. Gone are those days when it was majorly for the older generation to rock to Owambe parties. Now, it’s described in a more funky term; ‘Vintage‘ and has a wider appeal to the youths.

The term Afrocentric is majorly used to describe African related designs and concepts. Many Nigerian artists have embraced this amazing style revolution which has helped to boost African culture, making it stylish and ‘in vogue’. This allows it compete with westernized fashion styles and has increased its popularity in local and international fashion circles.The amazing thing about this fashion trend is that it can be paired with any accessory/outfit of choice. It instantly stands you out as it clearly Indicates pride in the African culture. The African culture is beautiful and should be celebrated and there’s no better way to do that than with our items of clothing!

Afrocentric fabrics come in different types such as Ankara, Kente, Adire, Batik, Dashikis, Caftans etc.

There is a wide range of accessories that can be Africanised such as turbans, earrings, neckpieces, shoes etc. There are a host of options for Afrocentric styling and it could be paired with neutral/ other Afrocentric fabrics.

See other amazing Afrocentric fashion inspiration.


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