Stop Sharing Graphic Posts On Social Media

Recently, I have noticed how sensitive and graphic content are being posted all over the internet without any thought for the victims, their friends and family. Some people just reprint and share everything and anything they see without thinking of the effects of their actions.

Take the case of the Ethiopian aircraft that killed all crew and passengers on board: just before the crash a male passenger made a short video and shared it a few moments to his death. After reports came in that the plane had crashed killing all on board, the video moments before the crash surfaced the internet and was shared without graphic detailed warning.

Another example was the of the murders of news reporter Alison Parker and photojournalist Adam Ward who were murdered on camera by Vester Lee Flanagan II (aka Bryce Williams) in 2015. Or the recent video of the Christchurch mosque attack which killed 50 people at two different mosques. The killings were live-streamed on Facebook which later quickly spread to other platforms like Youtube, Twitter, and others.

There needs to be some measure of human decency for God’s sake, sharing and reposting sensitive videos of murder, jungle justice, gun violence and many more is wrong and unethical. This kind of videos/pictures affect victims and family members of those involved.

Social Media companies too have a lot of work to do to curb the proliferation of content that incites hate and violence. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other tech/social media companies need to make a strict policy that will block such videos from getting to the public. If this isn’t handled quickly and strictly social media will become a fertile environment for extremist subcultures to thrive. And by reposting and sharing these video we are enabling those who promote violence and also mentally stressing the victims and family members of those involved.

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