Saint Danger: South African duo tap BoyBreed & Synx for “Lemme Know”

Whether it is Drake, French Montana or Kendrick Lamar, it is hard to deny that African music is on the rise around the world and our unique African artists are defining the trends and tastes of global pop culture. As Africa gets more exposure to the world, the bridges between Africans are getting smaller and the new single “Lemme Know” from upcoming South African production duo Saint Danger is evidence of that.
Birthed via the internet, “Lemme Know” is a musical journey which saw Saint Danger (known for their previous work with ChianoSky, Tholwana and Kenya’s Mankind) connect with Nigeria’s next big thing singer/songwriter twins Boybreed.

These young talents added Nigerian producer extraordinaire Synx to the mix to produce a “Pon-Pon” inspired pop song guaranteed to make an impact across the continent and the rest of the world.



The video has been shot on location in Lagos and South Africa and is due to drop in the next couple of weeks but first, catch the vibe below!

Download Lemme Know by Saint Danger ft Boybreed &Synx

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