“Smile For Me”: Elements of True Love According to Simi

In a world swarmed with self absorption and egocentricity, Simi may have requested the unthinkable in her soul pricking Afroballad “Smile For Me”. She sings to her lover but not in the empty manner that musicians do nowadays… She asks for what may seem to be the simplest things but in the most paradoxical context. Oh yes the “30 billion for your akant” is nice but the things that prove true love have the utmost disregard for currency.

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Love is uncomfortable. Love is meeting the other party half way and even going an extra mile…sometimes, going the whole 9 is the only option. Simi demands that her lover smiles for her even when he is emotionally incapacitated to do so.

????Smile for me even if you sad oo
Be good to me even if you bad ooo
Stay with me even if you’ve got some place to be
Pray with me even if you no believe ????

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Many of us walk around with masks that shield our insecurities and fears and flaws. Not saying that it is wrong to be cautious by creating an illusion of being put together…Lord knows it has saved us a lot of hurt and damage but…(weird analogy alert) if an injury is covered up for too long without proper attention from a doctor or a medical practitioner, it will fester. Everyone needs someone in whose presence they can fall apart without the fear of judgement. Someone in whose presence they can truly be themselves…Someone who will let you into their own imperfections too.

????Sing for me even though your voice dey crack oh
Dance with me even if you’re dancing off the beat…????



Giving up something that means so much to you just for another person’s upliftment (without bickering about it behind them) is one of the ultimate ways of expressing the depth of your affection. And in this case, nothing is off limit…It could be your choice lunch… or even your kidney but as far as Simi is concerned, you might need to pull a Jesus Christ.

????I-i-i want to be the one wey you fit die for
I-i-i want to be the one that makes you do the things you thought you’d never do
Lemme be the one for you
I-i-i want to be your weakness baby????

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