Single or Alone? 6 Consolatory Ways To Spend #ValentinesDay [Part 2]

So you are single and/or alone on Valentine’s Day due to whatever reason and you are making the mistake of feeling down and sad with yourself and life? That’s a very big mistake because the truth that people in relationships won’t tell you is that they low-key wish they didn’t have to partake in the day.

So why not relax and enjoy yourself and your freedom by doing one or all of the things below.

Netflix and Chill

From movies to series, to anime, Netflix has thousands of content and from every film genre for you to miss out on it. You don’t need someone to Netflix and Chill with when you can do so by yourself?

Pornhub Premium

Well, if you are disappointed that you aren’t going to get laid today because you have no one, then look no further for Pornhub are here to save the day. The number 1 adult film streaming service is giving everyone free premium access all day today on Valentine’s Day.


There are a lot of shelters around and many organisations in need of hands to help the good cause they have planned for Valentine’s Day, so why not volunteer to help? There is no better way to spread the love on a day like this than to help put smiles on people’s faces.

Do Some Charity Work

If you have enough to spare, then instead of just volunteering, why not do some charity along with it? There are a lot of people living without basic amenities and something as small as food and/or clothing can go a long way in their lives. Also, it is probably the real reason for the season. No purer form of love than it.


There isn’t much to say here. Sleep because your body deserves it. You have been busting your ass all week at work, going out early and coming back home late, so your body needs the rest.

Treat Yourself Because Self Love Matters

Treat yourself to something. Take yourself out or buy things for yourself to enjoy because you are awesome and you deserve it. No one can treat you the way you treat yourself.


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