Single? Do These 5 Things And You’d Get A Bae

Some single people (mostly women) keep wondering why their significant other hasn’t shown up yet. They yearn for the bone of their bone and flesh of their flesh but they literally make no effort to bag a boo. They sit in their houses and expect a bae to miraculously fall from the sky or awaken them from their sleep with a kiss(because life is a Disney movie yeah).
If you’re single and ready to mingle, and you’re ready to be proactive about getting a bea in less than a month, then you should do these things.

1. Keep Your DM’s Open & unlock all accounts: It’s always funny when single people especially ladies have private accounts on Instagram and Twitter, why are you making it hard for your stalker and crush? Most men like to go through pictures and have a look at what they are going for before taking the next step, if your account is now locked, my sister, you are on your own o (OYO).

2. Attend single functions: Targeting single populated places is another key, single populated places are places where you have the maximum congregation of single people together because single men like to stay together and they go out together.

3. Take nice pictures: This is very very important, you need to take good pictures of yourself and show off your best angles, get the most flattering angles for your selfies and make use of natural light and not filters, sunlight gives the best glow.

4. Be visible: Visibility is key, constantly posting pictures and attending all events possible, but you need to let people see you so go out, take care of yourself, invest in your looks and let men see your beauty, let them appreciate your glow, let them wonder if there’s a man in your life, and because there isn’t, let them want to be that man.

5. Cling to your creator: If you do all these things, or have been doing them and no luck, like no man has even looked at you, then pray please as it just might be your village people lol.

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