After years of hearing rumours and stories about the unconventional and highly inappropriate relations between students and lectures In universities all around Africa and the world at large; BBC Africa Eye along with undercover female journalists exposed Lecturers of prestigious universities in West Africa engaging in sexual misconduct.

This normalised behaviour has been under investigation since last year as Reporter Kiki Mordi, a survivor and advocate of sexual harassment and abuse recruited female journalists who posed as undergraduate students after gathering testimonies from other females to investigate the issue.

In the snippet released last night on twitter, the lecturers and prestigious institutions under investigation were revealed and shown first hand as they conversed, pressured and made sexual advances to the female journalists who wore hidden body cameras.

One of the sexual offenders in university of Lagos Dr. Boniface Igbenoghu,a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Arts is also a pastor in the Foursquare Gospel Church in Lagos.

He invited one of the female journalists who acted as a 17 year old student seeking admission into the university, for tutorials and advice; Boniface revealed during their interaction that he and his colleagues have sex with various female students in exchange for grades; he also made mention of how they make use of the UNILAG staff room aka ‘Cold room’ to engage in their revolting acts.

The Foursquare Church has released a press statement denouncing the culprit and dissassociating themselves completely from his actions and anyone else involved.

The BBC African Eye has shed light on the inappropriate actions of senior lectures in prestigious universities; University of Lagos and Ghana respectively with other to be released. It is a big shame upon the men involved, the apologists and all other accessories to this illegal and immoral act.

Social media has given this news platform the opportunity to broadcast this documentary to the world and everyone is waiting with bated breaths for justice to prevail for the women who were wrongfully harrassed and abused.

The full video has been released on YouTube , click on the link below to watch the full story.

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