How To Sell Your Music in 2017

How To Get Your Music On iTunes, MTN Plus, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon e.t.c

Getting your music on iTunes, Spotify, MTN Music Plus, Amazon MP3 and many other revenue generating music store is very easy to do. All you need to do is create a Freeme Digital account and they’ll pretty much guide you through the rest.

Freeme Digital is an online music distributor that distributes your content across multiple revenue generating channels. It ensure you get payment on time as well as detailed monthly music sales Logs from their store partners to help you make informed business decisions.


The reason I advice you go through an online music distributor is because you don’t have to go to each online store separately. You simply: Create a Freeme Digital account, Upload your music and cover art, Write the title and description, Click ‘send’.

Simple right? This is only done once, and they will handle everything else such as file conversions and sending your music to all the different sites from there. This is much easier than going round to each online shop yourself and submitting your information and songs each time. What’s more, it also means you get paid out a lot quicker too.

What Are Some Of The Platforms You Can Sell Your Music On Using This Online Music Distributor?

OK, so we know that Freeme Digital is good, and is probably the best way to easily get your music on iTunes. But what other online music platforms can Freeme Digital get your music on? Well below is a list of bigger stores you can sell your songs on using this online music distributor.

iTunes, Amazon, MTN music plus, Spotify, Deezer, Sound Cloud, Shazam, Tecno Boom Player, Tidal, Simfy Africa And more.

Online Music Stores

Getting your music on all these sites doesn’t require any additional effort on your part, but it increases your reach and exposure. The more chances people have of finding you, the better. Once your music is on these sites, you should only personally focus on promoting your music on them.

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