A Run Down of The February 6th Protest in Nigeria

After 2baba and his “partners” came up with a bright idea to protest against the negative change brought upon Nigeria,

Rumours started to fly that he was Donated Serious Slaps to call the march off due to unforeseen threats.

Let us also not forget that the #IstandwithBuhari group also scheduled their own solidarity demonstration right after 2baba’s announcement…

Regardless of 2baba’s absence, the protest still held at the National Stadium Lagos and Unity Fountain Abuja, with a handful of patriots in attendance.

#doings #istandwithnigeria #IamNigerian

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Some of the celebrities present at the protest were Charlie  Boy, Seyi Law, and a couple others.


Although the likes of Davido, Burna boy and co were nowhere to be found, we heard some arrived after the protest had ended, solely for Instagram and Snapchat purposes.


Some on the other hand, protested fervently from the comfort of their social media platforms.

Former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu also gave his 2 cents when his Ikoyi home was stormed by protesters.

The videos of the #IstandwithBuhari solidarity rally that surfaced really didnt add up as the protesters revealed they were paid to carry their own placards.

Anyway, Nigeria’s Vice president and current acting president Professor Osibanjo acknowledged the protest saying “they” hear the protesters LOUD and CLEAR…


We are not very sure who can hear us especially when our president has an expensive ear infection history.


Oh by the way did you hear his vacay was extended indefinitely due to his ill health? Some have even concluded that baba has kicked the bucket…

We cannot categorically say if the rumours are true or false but until then, we will be here sipping this hot tea.lipton_kermit


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