Ron Pope: How He Made A Living Selling His Music Online

You know the myth swirling around the music industry that you can’t make money from selling your music online in Nigeria? The myth that the only way to earn money from your music is to sell CDs either in traffic or in local stores? Yea, that myth, is hands down the falsest myth ever created in Nigeria.

All the A-list musicians are making, and will always make money online from music platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Vevo, Tecno Boom, and the rest.

Ron Pope
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For instance, Ron Pope (You have never heard of him, right?), a 30-year-old musician who lives in Brooklyn, New York, and has for the past six years been making money solely from his music – making well over $100k (>N35 million) annually – with iTunes and Spotify being his top two sources of income.

Coming down to our own industry, the myth is even worse here because of the disaster that is, piracy. But unknown to many musicians (both A-listers and upcoming) you can still smile to the bank by selling your music digitally even with all the piracy. Like, see how Wande Coal had a wonderful 2015 with his album “Wanted”.

The “Rotate” crooner had nine songs in the top 15 songs on iTunes store. Let’s break the potential revenue down a little bit, shall we?

A song was sold for $0.99 and there are no less than one million Apple Music subscribers in Nigeria. Now, if at least 5000 people buy a single song, that is $4,950. Converting that to Naira, we have N1.7 million… For a single song! So imagine having nine songs among the top 15 songs on apple music.

And that is just on iTunes. The same goes for Spotify, Tecno Boom, Google Play, MTN Music +, and other music digital platforms. Selling your music online is easy, and most of all, it works! You can reap the rewards for all the hard-work and time you spend in the studio by selling your music online here in Nigeria with a top-notch distribution company like FreeMe Digital.

When it comes to distribution, it’s always best to choose quality. A company that will do right by you and make sure you get the best value for your revenue, and FreeMe Digital is that company. Their packages are affordable, so you need not break the bank to start making money.

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