Reworking Your Old Clothes To Have A Fresh New Twist

Freelance Contribution by Sally

Global production of clothing doubled between 2000 to 2014, with the average person now buying 60% more clothes every year and using them for half as long as they did just 15 years ago. Obviously, this creates a lot of waste and means you’ll be spending more on clothes than you may be able to afford. Keeping your old clothes and reworking them to follow current fashion trends or work your own personal style can help to cut down on waste and money, as well as create stylish pieces of clothing.

Add your own embroidery

Maybe you went through a plain-clothes only stage or you’ve got a few items that now look pretty boring and it’s time to add some colour and patterns back to your fashion. Trying your hand at embroidery lets you get creative and transform your clothes into something personalized and unique that you’ll love wearing again. An embroidery machine can make decorating your clothes a straightforward process and is a great investment if you want to makeover lots of different items.

Alter your pant hems for a new look

You’ve probably got several pairs of jeans and pants in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in a long time because they went out of fashion, either because they’re now the wrong colour or they’re the wrong cut. You don’t have to get rid of these or leave them sitting in your wardrobe for years, hoping they’ll come back into fashion. A really easy and effortless way to alter pants is to simply roll up the hems to make them shorter for a fresh look. A few stitches either side of the leg can hold them in place or you can cut them to the length you want and either add a new hem or go for a distressed, frayed look for denim. You can even cut them into shorts for a complete makeover.

Crop sleeves and shirt lengths

You’ll be surprised how different a shirt can look just by changing the length of the sleeves or turning a dress into a skirt. It may be that you’ve styled your favourite piece of clothing in every way imaginable and while you still love the print, you’re getting bored of wearing the same thing. T-shirts can be turned into tank tops or vests for everyday wear or new workout clothes, fancy dresses can become casual skirts or a fancy top, and coats and jackets can become bodywarmers. Pretty much everything can be altered in one way or another to refresh it. Think about how the new cut will suit your body’s shape to make sure it compliments your figure well.

Altering your current and old clothes is a very easy way to transform them into something new, unique and stylish. Not only will you be saving money and cutting down on waste, but you’ll be able to get imaginative and creative with your fashion.

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