Review: Maleek Berry Authors an Audio Storybook with First Daze of Winter E.P

Maleek Berry goes all four seasons on us.

First Daze of Winter E.P is the follow up of Maleek Berry’s Last Daze of Summer that housed sexy singles like Kontrol and Eko Miami but before anything, here’s applauding what now looks like consistent consistency from the singing side of his split artiste-producer personality.
The build up with the titles is quite awesome, although I’m not sure how I’d take two more projects with titles like Spring cleaning or Falling for you like Autumn lol. (Nigerian Rainy Season and Harmattan need some love too Maleek!)
Without a doubt, Some real love bug has definitely bitten our guy as virtually all the songs (even track 4 where he’s clearly being a ho) really have him bared in utter emotional vulnerability. On this 19-minute long project, All 6 tracks do have their own distinct stand alone identities but from a wholesome perspective, Maleek pretty much renders a picturesque love story which I have broken down below in my opinion of the plot’s order (with my verdict right after ?).

Background (Track 1& 2)

Been Calling: We see Maleek passionately blowing up the phone of his love interest who is clearly giving him a tough ass time. From lyrics like “Waving the white flag”, he intimates us with the honest fact that he may have messed up badly in the past but he is trying to work things out.
Pon My Mind: Lovesick Maleek reinforces the authenticity of his intentions just so bae understands how serious he is about being a changed person.

Conflict (Track 3,4,5)

Own it: There’s some pride infused temper brewing resulting from bae’s disinterestedness in the apology fanfare and here, Maleek is subtly asking demanding to be met halfway.

Sisi Maria: It seems at this point, Maleek gives chasing bae a break and outrightly flirts with a breastilicious Maria from Bayelsa, and an assilicious Ngozi from Anambra. Of course, the justification in this piece lies in the plenty yanga from bae but it doesn’t change the fact that #MenAreScum lmao!

What If: Between Own it and Sisi Maria, Maleek heavily pumps the brakes on trying to get bae back. He acts like he’s all cool with them being apart but his curiosity as to whether she still thinks of him shows there’s still some trickle of interest. (my favorite off the E.P. btw)

Resolution: (Track 6)

Pulling Me Back: Maleek signs out with this “happily ever after” track which gives the impression of a reunion between him and bae. Regardless of all the roller coaster emotions that have left him mentally dizzy, true love keeps pulling him back.


I’m super tripped at how engaging this body of work is and it has nothing to do with my hopeless love for Maleek and his artistry. He has managed to blur the line between being an artiste and a producer, making this piece of art one super successful and colourful solo afro-wave exhibition. There’s so much brilliance in how he has woven in the significance of summer and winter with the exuberance and emotional needs of men; which also goes to show that actual structural thought was put into this content.

There’s a medley vibe that Maleek emits on most of his songs which sorta makes them sound very much alike. This could make his listeners judge him as monotonous and sonically unadventurous but considering that most of his production credits go to him, this inevitability is likely to change when he collaborates more with other producers for his personal music. However, if this would make his music confusing (which I seriously doubt) then we completely love him like this- thanks and God bless✌✌✌.

Stream or Download Maleek Berry’s First Daze Of Winter E.P here!


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