Reasons Why Tboss Didn’t Win Big Brother Naija #BBNaija

The just concluded Big Brother Naija 2017 will probably go down as the most competitive game show ever in Nigeria’s history. Yes! comparing it with the likes of Gulder Ultimate search, Maltina Family Dancehall, MTN Project Fame, The Voice, etc.

The #BBNaija 2017 literally split the country into two factions. On one side, we had people supporting the bougie life queen, a woman who appealed to the intoxicating drug that is team lait skinned. A beauty queen who got picked on for being mixed race. A confident woman some called an outsider because she couldn’t even sing the national anthem… The #BossNation.Tboss Big brother naija

While on the other hand, we had a young man who appealed to the hearts of the average Nigerian (and there are so many average Nigerians). A man whose “Grass but looking for Grace” story is one that many people from the streets could relate to.. and with one of the streets motto being “We stay UNITED and help each other until we all out of tha streets,” it’s no wonder that he eventually won by a landslide. After all, the streets always win… presenting the #EfeNationEfe Big brother

Take nothing from TBoss though, her strategy was definitely top notch, “Play the victim, get people on my side through sympathy. And let the whole Nigeria see my loving family and how united we are”.. plus a Romanian woman settling down in Nigeria with a Nigerian man, while comfortably raising 5 children along with being a “mama ibeji?” That alone is just everything.. look at how Nigerians adore people like Jidenna, Dele Alli, and Wale because they proudly claim their roots.

TBoss’ “twin sister” also had a wonderful effect on the audience. Her captivating voice and demeanour kept everyone entranced and the obvious looking like TBoss helped.. The effect was simple, “TBoss will constantly be in everyone’s faces,” whether you are watching the actual TBoss on BBNaija, or you are active on social media watching her younger sister campaign actively.

That strategy was indeed gold… and the strategy eventually won the Big Brother competition. It just wasn’t TBoss. Efe playing the victim of circumstances of a disastrous and seriously depressing Nigeria by opening up about his grass, and how he looks to find grace by winning the competition to take care of his family… was all Nigerians needed to back him.

Plus, TBoss saying she had people who owned private jets toasting her and how she will finish the N25m in a week, made people who were initially on her side have a rethink and back someone who actually needed the money and “maybe fame” that followed the win.Tboss big brother

When the likes of Olamide and Wizkid who have known the struggles of the streets, are backing you. The Voice of the Streets and A Surulere hustler? It’s enough to spur people on.

Take nothing from TBoss though. She definitely has enough qualities to become a brand ambassador for many, many brands. And will surely leave her mark in Nigeria’s media industry if she so desires.

However, based on logistics, in the battle of the Elite and the Streets….. It was a total victory for The Streets!!!!

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