Rappers: 6 Important Things You Should Do Before You Start Rapping

“I Don’t Have Top 5 Rappers” – Vector

One of the things that plague rap music’s growth is “wack rappers” who make wack records. Though we have great rappers like Jesse Jagz, Eva, M.I, Phyno, Vector, Nasty C, who make great music, there is a multitude of rappers who the only thing good about their music is the bling they wear in their music videos.

There are quite a lot of ways a rapper can turn his career around and move from being abysmal to being one of the best rappers in the game, and these 6 things below can and will surely help.

1. Read the dictionary

By this, I don’t mean you should read the dictionary cover-to-cover, but a few hours spent expanding your vocabulary every week is a great thing to have in your inventory. Wordplay is really important when writing your lines and rhymes, so having a ton of words at the back of your mind before you start writing will definitely make your creative writing process easier. This way you won’t end up rhyming “handle” with “weather” and “danfo” with “Lawma”.

2. Travel outside the country/state

This will help you to experience a new culture. When you experience a new culture, it creates this sense of adventure that will spill over into your writing effortlessly. Spend time speaking to people from all walks of life, ask questions and listen intently, listen more than you speak. This way, you’ll have other things to rap about than booty, babes, and money.

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