R. Kelly’s Streaming Numbers Increase After “Surviving R. Kelly” Airs

R. KellyR. Kelly’s scandalous level has been at a new level of high ever since the docu-series “Surviving R. Kelly” first aired.

The number of scandals and allegations that have been thrown at Kelly from the women he has been involved with since the beginning of his career has been really mind-boggling. However, it seems that his musical career has also reached a new level of high as a result of it.

According to The Blast, a rep for Spotify confirmed that amid all the disgust, his streaming numbers on the platform actually increased by 16%.

That only takes into account one platform — and it’s not unreasonable to assume an increase was also seen across Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon.

Biopics and documentaries almost always result in a spike in artist streams — regardless of context. Though this may optically appear to some to be a career-ending injury, anyone who’s seen an R. Kelly concert will know that a large portion of his fans are more than able to separate the art from the artist.

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