R. Kelly: Fans Show Love and Support to the Singer at a Private Party

While most of the world has blacklisted R. Kelly since Lifetime released the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, there are still a number of people, it seems, who have an undying love for the singer.

The “Ignition” crooner recently made an appearance at the Dirty South Lounge in Illinois, and prior to the event he kindly asked the media to take it easy on him. “I got an event to do tonight in Springfield, Illinois,”  he stated. “So, I want the media to take it easy on me, man. This is how I gotta get paid now. So, I gotta go do this event and it’s a party. So, when you see me in the club with a couple of drinks in my hand and chilling, please take it easy.”

Fans at the Lounge certainly showed him the love and attention he has been craving. As reported by TMZKelly didn’t perform, but he was showered with love from fans. Supporters took selfies and hugged the singer.

R. Kelly is still set to go to trial on account of the criminal sexual abuses he has been charged with, and if guilty, faces close to 40 years in prison.

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