R. Kelly’s Brother Reveals Who Molested Them When They Were Kids

Carey Kelly, younger brother of under-fire R. Kelly, in a recent interview has revealed who molested them when they were still children.

He revealed that it was his older sister, Theresa, who did the abusing.

“I was around 6 years old,” he says. “She’s nine years older than me, so she had to be about 15. My mom had to work and she was going to school to take care of us. So, my sister watched us and my mama trusted her. I pretty much was even afraid to tell my mama. I didn’t know if she was going to believe me. I didn’t know how everything would change by me speaking up on it.

“So, I was afraid to tell her. I knew that my sister was the only one to watch us. She couldn’t go to work. She couldn’t go to school if my sister wasn’t there to do it. It was a catch-22 type of situation.”

Carey explains his superstar brother was 10 years old when she started molesting him. Carey noticed his sister would allow him to go outside, but she’d keep Robert inside alone.


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