Pros And Cons Of Promoting Music On iTunes

Pros And Cons Of Promoting Music On iTunes

We have gone past the era where musicians only make money from tours, right now, every single track of yours should be able to earn you some cool dough but before I share the pros on promoting on iTunes, Ari’s Take shared some cons on why you should never promote on the said digital platform. I totally disagree but check em’ out below.

We all know recorded music sales are dying. It’s a Titanic size plank that sales have been marching down for years, but eventually they’ll fall off. But we’re not there yet. Last year, Americans bought 257 million albums – an 11% drop from 2013. That’s still a hefty number, but ain’t nothing like the year 2000 with a whooping 785 million albums sold – the peak of recorded music sales.

So when you release new music, you’re of course still going to have it for sale (along with stream). And the most popular digital download store is still iTunes. It beat out Walmart nearly 7 years ago in total music sales. But with Apple taking a 30% cut and giving you zero connection to those who purchase your album, why are you telling people to buy it on iTunes?

Sure, it’s easy for fans to purchase on iTunes because their credit cards are saved. But how f’ing difficult is it to remember the login password – and having to type it in every single time is unbelievably annoying. Yes, I have fingerprint enabled on my iPhone, but when you restart the phone you have to type that shit back in. And even when I don’t restart, for some sadistic reason, Apple makes me type in my password nearly every time. And if I can’t remember it, which is now often, I have to reset it – and of course it can’t be the same password that I’ve used in the past year. So now having used up my top 10 passwords I’m at a loss and will never buy music again on iTunes. Or apps for that matter. Because I have to go through 37 steps.

But I digress.

Why are you sending your fans to the billionaire corporation who, again, takes 30%? Before iTunes, did you tell your fans to go buy your CD at Walmart? Of course not! You told them to support their local record store. So why are you telling your fans to go to the digital equivalent of Walmart?

Although Ari’s points might have some relevance, it is also relatively personal and can be overlooked in comparison to the mammoth benefits that come with promoting your music on iTunes (especially for African musicians).

  • Massive Audience Reach

As of the 3rd quarter of 2015, Statista reported that iTunes had  8oo million user accounts. Yes you read that right. 800 million.  With the recent  introduction and prioritization of Apple Music, Apple’s worldwide Streaming service, the multi billion dollar franchise has recorded an even wider subscriber base that is on a steady rise. With a couple of optimization features and mechanisms in place to ensure your content does not get lost in the market, your asset will never stand a better chance of being discovered by a market as huge.

  • Monetization

Instead  of having to make numerous physical copies of your single or body of work (which you can totally do if you are equipped for it), simply employing the digital technology of iTunes will not only save you stress but will also create you a solid source of revenue that is never threatened by factors like breakage of CDs, incompatibility with CD players, etc.

  • Discovery

If you an artiste seeking the attention of management companies or in need of a record deal, putting your music on the iTunes platform pretty much triples your chance as it is one of the most authentic go-to’s  for labels seeking to sign new talents.

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Other opportunities include making it to Apple’s curated playlists, easier accessibility, creating and selling ringtones, increasing your chances of performing at shows organised or sponsored by iTunes and lots more. Plus, in the vanity terms of a jet age, having your content on iTunes is well,  “cool” lol.

Remember that it is not just enough to have your content on a digital platform and wait for it to lay golden eggs. The content has to meet certain quality standards while you do your own bit in strategic offline promotion.

If you do not have your music on iTunes yet, please click here to get started.



So guys, you’ve seen it all. Don’t forget to share how helpful this was in the comment section below.

Keep vibing and have a great March!

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