President Jaga: The Underground Rap Messiah Nigeria Has Been Waiting For

The one who the streets call 'Bruce Lee With The Bars'

You’re probably wondering, WHO IS PRESIDENT JAGA and what made this dude call him the underground rap messiah?
Well, watch the video below and you’d understand exactly what im saying.

Ok, so you’ve watched the video and you’ve had chills run down your spine from the pun and punchlines he dropped. Cool, its expected. Let’s talk about his new project called ‘Tell somebody‘ mixtape that has 12 tracks and features A-List players like Shaydee, Flowsick just to name a few. All tracks are Lyrically Jampacked with High-grade Lyrics, Punchlines and his delivery is quite immaculate.

Jaga a.k.a Bruce Lee With The Bars is a Nigerian hip hop artist from Edo state who’s been in the game for quite a while, his most popular track is ‘E no dey sweet me again’ which got the streets talking because it was very relatable. Enough talking for now, jam the songs on the mixtape and tell us which of them you feel the most.

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