Post-Grad Problems: The Many Unreal Expectations In Your 20s

I remember how I used to look up to adults when I was still a child. Watching my dad drive his Mercedes Benz – the way he changed gears and turned the steering, – was really awesome. I lived for the days he put me on his laps while driving so that both of us could “drive together.”

I always said to myself, “I can’t wait to be in my 20s and become a man.”

If only I could go back in time and slap myself. Growing up is a trap! I repeat “it’s a trap!” Issa trap o. Don’t do it!

Now man is in his 20’s and the wave after wave of responsibilities that keep washing over man pikin ehn… it’s almost like a “Kuku kill me” situation. Normally, the school of thought is that “it’s extremely hard to make it in Nigeria.” But here I am, working and sweating to earn a living. And before salary even lands, all the responsibilities that have been lurking in the shadows will just come out and scream “surprise!!!!” … Salary has already gone before I start singing M.I’s money slow to enter, money quick to go.


To add insult to injury, the females of this generation don’t admire guys like me that are working hard – and legally – to make a living. They’d rather open their legs wide like the parted red sea for the nearest available Yahoo Yahoo guy or Senator, instead of commending and staying by your side to spur you on to greatness.

According to ladies, “if you are 25 and still living in your parent’s house, or, if you are in your 20’s and you don’t have two houses, a beach house, a house in outer space, and 10 cars just for show,” then you are a failure who’s better off not even existing. See this pot of beans life ehn?

N.B – Jon Bellion is still living in his dad’s house at 24 years old, nothing has changed for him, he is the same. And let’s not even talk about our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The worst thing is, watching the yahoo yahoo guys and the awon illegal people buy houses, cars, and luxurious things, while you’re sweating in danfo… not to talk of managing in this recession.

Just last week, I stumbled upon a conversation where a guy was lamenting his current financial state, while someone he knew in school just bought his second house in Lekki (with illegal money). The guy continued lamenting and virtually said “he was going to do yahoo plus (which is more than the normal online scam. It involves doing/performing rituals) because he must make it in this life.”

In truth, I don’t blame him. That same thought (or the lesser version, which involves just scamming a maga…  or getting a sugar mummy) would have crossed every legally hardworking guy’s mind at least once. Even if it’s just a small thought like “imagine if I just did it and hammered once” that crossed your mind.

It’s all because those are the type of guys that the new age girls want to be with, and even worse, the type of guys that society celebrates.

See may God bless and keep every legally hardworking man out there on his grind to make things work and get the better life he knows his hard work deserves. Remember, “God’s got you so you gon’ be alright” *in Kendrick Lamar’s voice*

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