P-Square will come back only if the respect is back – Peter Okoye

Mr P

Arguably the most successful music group in Africa, P-Square has been rocked with a lot of drama and controversies for the past 2 to 3 years, since they first announced their breakup, after which they reunited again to give their fans what they are known for; Good Music.

Just when their fans were beginning to enjoy the P-Square we’ve come to know and love, our joy was cut abruptly when news began circulating the media of the two brothers having family issues, which later led to them finally and officially dissolving the group, P-Square.

Mr P

The Okoye brothers have now gone solo and both treading a new part of self discovery. Peter Okoye aka Mr P on one hand, has launched his solo career with a brand new song and a video titled “Cool It Down” which his fans are already loving. In an interview with him, he talked about many issues his fans would love to hear. Below are some of the questions and answers of the interview.

What is your fondest memory of P-Square:

Since we started it’s been fun till PROBABLY 2013

What are you likely to miss:

Well to me like I said 30 children cannot continue playing with each other for 30 years. We are at the point where we no longer have respect for each other. It’s not ego or pride, it’s respect. This is the best solution we could come to.

What do you think helped the group to last as it did:

Respect, it was respect all through for each other not just because were are brothers or twins That was why we stood this long. when we started losing respect for each other it was done.

How do you think fans are currently handling the transition:

The only thing that is constant is change, people try to tell ME that blood is thicker than water. I don’t know who is blood and who is water. Is it my brother that is blood and my wife and children water? Is like asking me a question, who is the priority. For the fans we are sorry, you don’t want to see P-square on stage pleasing you guys and we just fought back stage and we are not happy. I’ve tried so many times to make it work, it didn’t work. I just have to give up for the sake and respect of individual family.

Peter Okoye and his family
Peter Okoye and his family

Is there a possibility of a reunion:

Ofcourse, when the respect is back. But one thing I would never do when I come back to this world in a next life is mix family
with business.

How have you managed intrusion from the public especially on social media:

Whatever is out there is what the fans need to know. I can’t even stand the shame of making the fans feel that we are okay, we are not ok.
We have been fighting for 4 years.


What major lesson did you learn while in the group that you will apply in your solo brand:

Don’t keep yourself in a corner or in a cycle. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do it without me. I can’t trade MY family for nothing
and if I should do WHAT so many people are telling him there are GOING to be so many single parents out there .Being a man is not about having two balls, being a man is about standing
for your family.

Would you say it’s possible for a music group to remain together until retirement:

It’s not, it has never happened. Never. It’s the fans thAT are usually the cause of group breakup. Just like some people saying Paul is better than Peter and it got to Paul but I didn’t let it get to me BECAUSE i don’t bother about it things like that.

What achievement has blown mind the most in your career:

When we are having problems important people in government like President, governors and senators call us to ask what’s happening but it pains me a lot
because it should be an achievement. It’s not always when we have problems that people like that start calling. Psquare and other Nigerian artistes like face, 2face, Remedies till Davido, wizkid
have given Nigeria a good name.

How are you handling the transition:

I’m an upcoming Artiste. When I MEAN I’m an upcoming artiste. I’m an established, comfortable, rich upcoming artiste and I’m ok with it. Change is constant, people must expect and respect change.
There are a whole load of stuffs that I had in store but I cannot express them when I was in the group. That’s why I said let me
express them now. I’m 37 I’m not a boy guys, I can decide to quit music today if I want to. The transition is been able to express myself.

Watch the full the interview below:

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