Open Letter To Dj Cuppy: Please Ignore The Trolls

Dear Florence Otedola,

You started out as a Dj and as we know, being a female Dj in the Nigerian music industry is hard enough and one way or the other you came out on top. After conquering Nigeria you took it up three notches and went international and top names like Charlemagne the god and co., know who you are and regularly sing your praises. Even though everyone chucked your success up to ‘She’s the Daughter of a Billionaire‘, some of know how hard you worked to get where you are and even though the haters and trolls were regularly on your case, you persisted and now if we’d call the top 10 female DJ’s in Africa your name must be on the list else it isn’t credible.

For a child to walk, the child must first crawl and while taking its first steps the child might fall a couple of times. After conquering being a DJ you decided to take it up a notch and now you’re working towards being the biggest female artiste in Nigeria. You’re still in the self-development stage and there will be a few hiccups here and there but please do not let the haters get to you. Being the strong woman you are there’s no need for me to say don’t stop grinding because we all know you’re never going to stop giving us jams. But please, don’t let the words of nasty trolls who are scared to follow their dreams get to you, a person who against all odds is vehemently chasing her dreams and succeeding in it.

Nobody ever starts out as the greatest, they all paid their dues and worked their way to the top and that’s exactly what you’re doing. Again, ignore the trolls and keep doing you because it’s impossible to please the world. When you get to the top, the same people that are trolling will be the same people singing your praises and begging for scraps off your table of success.

                                                                                                  From a Concerned Fan
                                                                                                          Famakin Opeyemi


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