Office Romance: The Do’s And Donts

So you finally have the liver to ask your crush out and he/she said yes (who are we kidding, when did Nigerian girls start asking boys out) and now you guys are officially dating, here are some key things you should note..

KEEP IT TO YOURSELF: Not everyone in the office has to know you guys are dating. The moment they know they might try to wriggle their way into your relationship and that basically means drama. A couple who keep their relationship private is less prone to drama

AVOID OFFICE PDA: You don’t have to throw it in everyone’s face that you’re dating by always smooching or grabbing her ass at work. Keep all the luvy duvy romance at home or out of the office because it’s unethical

APPEARANCE MATTERS: Don’t try too hard to attract the attention of that person. You can get tongues wagging and set the mood for a good office romance with slightly shorter skirts and more lipstick—so you want to be careful with the way you appear and look.

COMPANY LAW ALSO MATTERS: Some company policies are against dating in the office; they consider this as unethical. Before saying yes to that person, make sure you get yourself familiar with every rule in the book to avoid flouting orders or rules. A company may become worried if the head of IT was in a relationship with another employee. This could compromise vital security information, which could be transferred during pillow talk.

MAKE SURE YOU’RE NOT THE SIDE PIECE: Dating a colleague in the office can be tricky and pretty risky; you could end up being a side chic of a gigolo. Dating someone in the office could amount to putting all your eggs in one basket—you are made vulnerable because it could just be a means to sample you just like others before you. If you know you’re not the first office conquest–steer clear.

BE CAREFUL WITH EMAILS: Hit the wrong button, and one email could end up in the inbox of the wrong person—with all secrets let out of the bag. So have a second look at that email address before hitting the send button to be sure it is being sent to the right person/receiver.


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