OBT: The Self Acclaimed Fine Boy With A “Killah” Musical Talent

There is something about all artists starting off from the church choir and this is no different from “fine boy” OBT whose parents were both in the church choir even before he was born. OBT who got his name from his childhood says growing up in Ikotun people were/are called by the jobs of their parents, in his case “omo baba teacher” meaning “teacher’s child” in English as his father used to run a school.

OBT whose real name is Adigun Samson Adeyinka is a commendable young talent with big dreams. He started music just after high school at a very young age. From producing music in his bedroom to singing his first song “mama say” in 2015. When asked about it, he said it did well but not as good as he wanted as it was made in South Africa and was raised only on sound cloud.

However; his new song “killah” has done a lot better and he says it is so because he took time out to learn more and is now better in his craft.

OBT who is a graduate of sound engineering is signed to a record label called 95 ISSUES and believes he will make waves in the music industry undermining the difficulties that comes with trying to breakthrough into the main stream. We have high hopes for him as he isn’t just a young talent and a hard worker but has taken a good start to achieving his dreams.


  • Your dad inspired your talent. How’s that?

Growing up. I always went to school with my dad and we played a lot of music on the way and that was how it started.


  • How was starting your music career in Lagos like?

It was quite challenging. It wasn’t really easy paying studio fee so I had to start production in my bedroom. Bedroom studio. Most of my works went out for free.


  • How did your parents take your choice of career path, are they supportive?

My parents weren’t comfortable with it because they didn’t expect that. My mother even wanted me to be the first doctor in the family. I am the first artist in the family though #laugh.

Although we are getting there, my dad once saw me on TV and was proud, so we are getting there.


  • How many sounds did make before deciding to become an artist yourself?

Quite a lot, I can’t really remember because I started early. Most of the sounds I made back then even went for free. With time I got to find out I liked singing and was doing more of that so I decided to go into it more.

I preach peace and hard work. I have been through hard times and I see people doing the same so I try to encourage them…

Adeyinka OBT Adigun

  • What inspires you sound?

Anything and everything does. I get inspired by what happens around me.


  • If not music, what else?

There is no plan B but if I had to do something, it’d be related to music. Like say managing artists or producing,


  • Do you have a targeted audience or do you sing for everyone who likes good music?

My music cut across ages but I’d say my targeted audience are the youth because I think they can relate more to the songs.


  • What should fans expected from OBT?

A lot actually, I was going to drop an EP but my plans changed and I have been in the studio a lot. So a lot should be expected. Music wise that is. More songs, videos and hopefully a concert.

  • What are your major challenges right now in the industry and how have you been coping?

I would say right now my major challenge would be breaking through in the industry. I cope only by prayer and hard work, I am not where I was three years back and I know I will be where I look to be three years from now.


  • What makes you different?

My voice firstly, my style and what I preach. I preach peace and hard work. I have been through hard times and I see people doing the same so I try to encourage them.


  • Any plans for the girls?

Yes! Definitely. I am in my early twenties so I love girls and since music I have had more girls. So yes they are in the plan.


  • What drives you?

I’d say the hustle. Somehow I can create out of the hardship faced. So I’d say that drives me, the hustle.


  • Who is Adigun Samson Adeyinka?

A laid back person who thinks more than talk, a hard worker, a fine boy, a good cook and a guy who loves kicks. I’m just a young fine boy trying to do what is right to make it.



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