NTBB: The Skeleton in Tonto Dikeh’s Marital Closet (Watch)


It is almost as if the devil has been working overtime since our darling Tonto Dikeh publicly declared her born again status.

On one random day, the Nigerian actress yanked off her hubby’s last name as well as her Mrs title from her Instagram bio; leaving all of us with brows raised as to what may have gone wrong in Pokomania.

Tonto and Oladunni Churchill who is interestingly Obasanjo nephew, were joined in matrimony in August 2015 after which they welcomed their baby boy King. All seemed to be well until stories started flying that Churchill’s PA; Rosaline Meurer may have also assisting him personally in the other room. Get it? Other room?


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Anyway, even as we wished that the rumours remained rumours, everything on social media proved otherwise.

First, Tonto’s long time rapper friend, Shakar El randomly got the inspiration to address married women on his Instagram; advising them to expect Karma if they ever had sexual relations with married men in their past.

I mean, we totally support his freedom of expression but why did he choose to post this subject matter in the time period that his supposed bestie was in the hot seat of her husband’s alleged infidelity?

Despite the fact that he apologized and said the post had nothing to do with Tonto, we have 2 words for him. How Convenient.

Moving on, while Churchill was gifting their one-year-old with a GMC truck, a move believed to turn our heads away from their marriage palava, madam PA was busy granting an incoherent interview in an attempt to wriggle her way out of the mess.

As many concluded that Ms Rosaline’s unrepentant and stutter filled interview was a huge lie, another interesting story popped up.


In this one, Churchill was said to have absconded to Ghana due to Tonto’s chronic marijuana addiction; a problem they claimed made her paranoid and made her break valuable items in the house. She was also accused of breastfeeding her baby while under the influence of the drug.

Although Tonto did a toxicology test which showed she was free of drugs, many questions are still left unanswered.

Why did Shakar’s post mention something about breaking stuff in the house? Why did Tonto post a video of herself without her wedding band? Why did Quilox post a picture of Oga Churchill and Madam PA together?

Are you thinking what we are thinking?

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